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LeeAnne Becker

LeeAnne Becker, 2 days ago

BCS Attendance Challenge. SOAR to the finish line Eaglets!

LeeAnne Becker

LeeAnne Becker, 11 days ago

Dear HTJ Families. This message is to inform you that if you are considering moving your child from remote learning to in-person learning or visa versa the deadline to make this change is Friday, April 16. Ifyou have any questions regarding this please call the school office Monday - Friday between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. We are always happy to help you. Thank you.

LeeAnne Becker

LeeAnne Becker, 12 days ago

Good morning HTJ Families. Some changes were made to our drive-through drop off and we are happy to announce that it ran much smoother this morning. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. As we continue to strive to make this process as efficient as we can, we ask that families please continue to: 1) maintain one-way traffic; 2) drive North on 10th street in order to enter the gates and school parking lot; 3) do not use side streets to try to get into the already established line. We are doing our best to keep everyone safe and screen all students before they enter school. By following these 3 simple steps you are helping us maintain a smooth, efficient and effective drop-off system. Again, we thank you for your help, patience and understanding as we strive to make this a smooth process for our Eaglet families. Mrs. Becker, Principal

LeeAnne Becker

LeeAnne Becker, 14 days ago

Good morning HTJ Families. It feels like the first day of school - we are all so excited to have our Eaglets at school today. Just a quick message to our Eaglet families that were waiting in the drop-off line this morning - we thank you for you patience. As we work out the kinks, things should run more smoothly. As a reminder, families must enter the gate from the South end of 10th street; if families turn onto 10th street from Aragon Road, they will be directed to go to the end of the drop-off line in order to enter the parking lot. The gates will be closed and locked at 9:00 AM so that staff can head to their classes. If you happen to get locked out, please head over to the front of the school, park your car, walk to the front door, ring the door bell and a staff member will be happy to help you. Again, we thank you for your patience and appreciate your time and effort in getting your children to school. Thank you. Mrs. Becker, Principal

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