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Alicia Blaakman-Abney

Alicia Blaakman-Abney, about 4 hours ago

DCE community: School pictures will take place AT SCHOOL on April 29. In person learners will go by class. Remote learners may come (by appointment) from 11-12pm on April 29. Remote learners, please call 966-1800 to set an appointment.

We will also have a yearbook that you can order online:
school's passcode: 1015813736324422
The nice thing about Treering's yearbook is that you get to create 2 pages of your own pictures for free! I will send the yearbook to print on May 14 so hurry to get your free pages done before then.

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Alicia Blaakman-Abney

Alicia Blaakman-Abney, 5 days ago

DCE community: student drop off will still be in front of the main office. Due to traffic backup, you will drive through the gate off of Highway 314 and use those east parking lots to wind through to the front office. The principal will be out there to support the new traffic flow.

Alicia Blaakman-Abney

Alicia Blaakman-Abney, 15 days ago

DCE community: Reminder that all students are eligible to return to in person learning on April 6 (Tuesday) for 4 days a week (Wednesdays are still for remote learning). Please make sure you've communicated your intentions to 966-1800 if you are changing from remote only to in person.
Drop off is still in front of the main office starting at 830am- please stay in your vehicle.
Pick up stays the same for sibling groups at 325pm in the northeast parking lot near the gym. If you only have one student who attends DCE, pick up procedures have changed to in front of the main office (same as drop off location).
Please be patient as we make sure all students are delivered safely to you!

Alicia Blaakman-Abney

Alicia Blaakman-Abney, 23 days ago

DCE community: reminder that this is the last week with cohorts A (Monday and Tuesday) and B (Thursday only this week).

There is Easter break Friday-April 5.

On April 6 we will have all in person learning students all 4 days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday). Wednesdays will continue to be for remote learning (all students!) and small group interventions.

We will also be opening up different areas of campus for students (gym, library, cafeteria, recess). Remind students to continue safe practices (masks, wash hands, socially distance) so we can keep these areas open. No sports with throwing / catching. Soccer is okay if students just kick it around and not play.

To celebrate the return of sports, have your student dress up as their favorite athlete or wear their favorite sport jersey on Tuesday and Thursday this week!

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