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Taira Chavira

Taira Chavira, about 23 hours ago

Hola del Departamento de Transporte de Belen Consolidated Schools.
La matrícula del autobús escolar ahora está en línea. Los registros de autobuses se publican en nuestra página web en Desde nuestra página de inicio, seleccione el menú y, en la lista desplegable, seleccione Información de transporte. Los pasajeros se publican en inglés y español. Descargue, complete y devuelva a o envíe un fax al: 505 / 966-1185. Los estudiantes deben estar registrados antes de la recogida.

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Taira Chavira

Taira Chavira, about 23 hours ago

Hello from the Belen Consolidated Schools Transportation Department.
School Bus Ridership registration is now online. Bus registrations are posted on our webpage at From our home page select menu and from the dropdown list select Transportation Information. The Ridership Forms are posted in English and Spanish. Download, complete and return to or fax to: 505/966-1185. Students must be registered prior to pick up.
Thank you!

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Principal Batista

Principal Batista, 12 days ago

Hello Infinity Students!

Attached is a link with a few questions for your to fill out.

Thank you and I look forward to your responses!

Mrs. Batista

Principal Batista

Principal Batista, 23 days ago

Infinity High School Parents/Teachers/Students:

As the Principal of the Alternative Schools, I wanted to let everyone know that we are doing our best to plan and move forward with the new school year.

There is a lot of unknowns and valid concerns from every person and family. I am a firm believer of staying positive and doing our best with whatever our situation is...

The survey is designed to get an idea of what people need/want for their students. Please know if you want 100% online learning - we WILL offer it to you and your student...

As I mentioned that we are all working diligently given the you, I want to plan and ensure everything is order...unfortunately, I am not able to have solid plans and provide answers to every concern at this time... However, if we look forward, stay positive and figure out TOGETHER ways to help educate our students - we won't fail! We are Belen Strong!

I pray everyday for all the students and staff who I miss very much... if there is anything I can do to answer or alleviate stress - please feel free to email me at

Your Principal,
Mary C. Batista

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