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Principal Batista

Principal Batista, 10 days ago

Science Club at work!!
BHS students from MESA help Family School students learn and create rockets!

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Principal Batista

Principal Batista, 23 days ago

7th and 8th Grade Science Fair today!

Today - Mr. Van is having his 7th and 8th grade Science Fair! Parents and Guardians if you are in the area come check it out!

Best of luck to those students with their presentation!

Principal Batista

Principal Batista, about 1 month ago

Hello Family School Parents and Guardians: This is a friendly reminder, please do not leave your student at school without an adult supervision and be mindful of start and end times. Many students are left for Science Club on Tuesday, or Yearbook on Wednesdays. Science Club is not a drop off activity. Please be here to supervise your child. Younger siblings of Yearbook need to be picked up or have adult supervision (their older sibling is not an adult). This becomes a safety issue. Thank you!

Principal Batista

Principal Batista, about 1 month ago
Please click on the link for the school menu - make sure to type "Rio Grande Elementary" for Family School.

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Nov 5

Event: Science Club on Tuesday Afternoons
Tue, Nov 5 - Tue, Dec 17, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM