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As we February ends, we are wrapping up a unit in watercolor, and text.  Grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade have a written and illustrated a book describing fruits and vegetables.  Third grade has writting and illustrated a fiction story and fourth through sixth grades students have written and illustrated poetry books.  Please expect to see graded rubrics with the art projects.  Students have worked very hard at this.  Writing poetry, and stories is not easy, but Most all art has a narrative associated with it.  Literacy and art go hand in hand.

A new unit running through the month of March will focus on Character representations, feelings, mood, analyzing art work, acting, and drawing.  Please help your child by discussing feelings, ask them to first identify thier own feelings, then perhaps the feelings of others.  Ask them how they know.  Talk to your child about the feelings of colors and things that they see, and how they make them feel.  

Also a note on student behaviour.  Please encourage your child to exhibit scholarly behaviour in all school environments.  Art is a Class!

New Updates coming in April!

Mrs. Castillo