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Attendance Guidelines

Excused/Activity Absences:  A student not in school or class as a result of participation in a school sponsored/sanctioned event, practice, competition, contest, meeting, etc. Students are permitted a total of ten excused absences by NM Activities Association per semester.


Excused/Verified Absences:  A student is absent from school with prior knowledge and consent of a parent and written or verbal verification to the school. A student is absent from school with personal illness, professional appointments, family emergency, death in family, religious commitment, or extenuating circumstances as agreed to by the administration prior to the absence. Parents must verify absences by written or verbal method within 24 hours of absence. Students may have the same number of days as they were absent to make up work with full credit. At the principal’s or designee’s discretion, a doctor’s note may be required to verify absences. Verified absences are noted as excused.


Tardiness:  Students are expected to be in class and on time. Students arriving at school late must be checked in through the school office by parent or guardian. Tardiness is a form of truancy. If a student is absent for 1 ½ hours during the school day he/she will be marked absent for ½ day.


Truancy:  Truancy is defined as any unverified absences. Parents must verify each absence and need to follow heir school’s policy for verifying absences or their child may be labeled truant.


Excessive Absences:  Students who have ten or more unexcused absences are considered to be habitually truant and may be recommended for retention, loss of credit, referral to Juvenile Probation Officer or referral to Children Youth and Families and/or disciplinary action. Absences resulting from short-term suspensions or authorized absences, such as those approved for participation in athletics or other extracurricular or co-curricular events, are not to be included when evaluating excessive absences. The word excessive means a pattern over time that has repeated and been called to the attention of the parent.


An UNEXCUSED/UNVERIFIED ABSENCE is any absence that does not fit into the prescribed district guidelines, is not school-related, or is not reported within one school day of the absence.