• Ms. Sonya Chavez

    Dear Parents,

    Just a little reminder... I do not accept late homework, unless your child is absent.  I am getting several zero's which is affecting the student's grade in class.  I want every child to succeed in my class, so please encourage your child to do their homework/assignments.  Challenge them to do their best!

    Also I want everyone to know that you can go online and there is a copy of the math book; just incase your child is absent or didn't finish something in class.  The website is http://freebooks.cpm.org/ . Click on 8th grade Core Connections (Course 3)MN.  This site also offers free homework help if needed. 
    Parents if you do not have Parent Portal  go to BMS office and ask the ladies to sign you up, it is quick and easy. 

    Thank you for your support!
    Sonya Chavez
    966-1600, please leave a message




  • Regular Schedule
    First Bell: 7:10-7:15
    1st Period--7:15-8:44
    2nd Period--8:47-10:16
    3rd Period--10:19-11:48
    ESP--12:19-12:38--(Advisory class on Monday's)
    4th Period--12:41-2:10

    Office hours: Tuesday-Friday 12:19-12:38

    Early Release Schedule:
    First Bell: 7:10-7:15
    1st Period:  7:15-8:08
    2nd Period:  8:11-9:04
    3rd Period:  9:07-10:00
    4th Period:  10:03-10:55
    Lunch/ESP:  10:55-11:25
    Dismissal: 11:25


  • Chavez, Sonya

    Business: 505-966-1600
    Email: chavezs@beleneagles.org