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    March 2018
    Dear Parents and Guardians,
    This month, BMS 8th grade students took a fun tour of Belen High School. We had fun in the gym learning school song, and played with the upper classman. We also, attended a play and watched the band and choir play and sing. After lunch, we went to the lab and signed up for high school classes!
     We have been learning the standards for the 4th quarter, which consists of understanding real numbers: rational and irrational, square and cube roots, and formulas to find the volume of a cone, sphere, and cylinder. We will continue to study The Pythagorean Theorem using right triangles, and angle sums and exterior angles before we take the PARCC test.
    Also, we are practicing problems daily using Parcc Practice problems. Students will be reviewing the standards learned throughout the year to refresh their memory.
    Up Coming Events: Tropical Day and 8th grade Bar-be-que with signing the year book!
    I hope you had a nice four day weekend!
    Have a nice week!
    Mrs Kathy Lann

    Mrs Kathy Lann

    *click on course 3 book or in advanced math click on course Algebra book.
    *click on chapter
    *click on lesson
    *click on problem; the only problems are the review and preview problems.

    Have a Great Week!!
    Kathy Lann      
    966-1600, please leave a message

  • Parents,

    I will begin tutoring math after school Monday thru Thursday from 2:40 thru 4:00pm. If you make arrangements with me, I can stay later. Please let know. 

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