• B.E.S.T

    Belen Education Student Transition

    The BEST Program teaches skills in four domain areas: Academic/Post Secondary, Employment, Independent Living and Social/Leisure. Throughout the program students are  provided with learning experiences to promote independence in the four domains. As a group we plan some remarkable Community Based Instruction activities.  In the BEST Program you will meet new people, learn job skills, keep budgets, learn to plan your daily activities, connect with outside agencies, learn to be self advocates; you will become masters in independent living skills and learning to make good choices! 







  • Jonathon Trujillo - Teacher

    Business:  505-966-1545
         Email:  trujillojo@beleneagles.org

    Denise Gutierrez - Teacher

    Business:  505-966-1546
         Email:  gutierrezd@beleneagles.org

    Kathy Martinez - Staff

    Business:  505-966-1535
         Email:  martinezk@beleneagles.org

    Joyce Lawson - Staff

    Business:  505-966-1536
         Email:  lawsonj@beleneagles.org


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