The Alternative Education Program will utilize curriculum from an online based learning system, as well as adaptations and modifications of the general education curriculum.  The appropriate curriculum is developed to meet the skill levels and requirements of individual students so that they may make adequate progress to transition back to the student’s home school.

    In order for students to accomplish this mission, a safe and comfortable environment must be maintained in the classroom at all times.  For this environment to be created, the following procedures must be followed:

    • Use of foul or inappropriate language is not acceptable.
    • Clothing, jewelry, or other accessories that does not meet the BCs dress code, or is deemed inappropriate by the staff should not be worn. No body piercing is allowed.
    • Harassing or showing disrespect to other students or staff will not be tolerated.
    • Refusing to do, or complaining of curriculum/work presented will result in the student not completing requirements to earn credit for classes.
    • Discussions of inappropriate activities that have taken place outside the classroom (e.g. weekend parties, gang activity, etc.) are a disruption of the learning environment and are not acceptable.
    • Students are not allowed to leave the classroom for any reason without the permission of a staff member.
    • Students must ask permission to be out of their seats for any reason not related to completing assignments.

    Students will not bring:

    • Cell phones or any other electronic devices. 1st offense will be a warning, given back to student at the end of the day, 2nd offense device will be taken by teacher and parent must pick up. A 3rd offense the device will be turned over to administration for one (1) week;
    • Any contraband;
    • Gang related clothing or gang related materials;
    • Tank tops, low hanging cut blouses or midriff showing blouses;
    • No food, drink, or snacks from outside sources are allowed, except in specific health situations, or special permission from the IAES/AES Instructor.

    Students will comply with the rules and procedures listed in the Alternative Education Program Contract and with the specific rules listed above.  If the student chooses not to comply with one or more of the above listed behaviors, the following actions will take place:

    • The parent/guardian will be called at once to visit/talk with the student concerning the behavior.
    • If this conversation does not de-escalate the behavior, the parent/guardian will be asked to pick up the student. If the parent/guardian cannot be reached, transportation will be called and arrangements will be made to transport the student home.
    • If the student is on probation, the student’s behavior will be reported to their probation officer.
    • If the student’s behavior is unlawful, the School Resource Officer will be contacted.
    • If the student is removed for any of the above reasons, an Administrator may suspend the student from the program according to the original placement set by the district’s hearing officer;

    The appropriate administrator will be notified.

  • Mary Bartista - Principal

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    Don Dougherty - Teacher

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