• GSE Physical Education

    Instructor: Mrs. Tanya Moya

    September 2015
    Hello Gil Sanchez Parents,

    My name is Tanya Moya (students call me coach T or coach Tanya), and I am the PE coach here at Gil Sanchez. I am really excited and honored to get the opportunity to teach and influence your children. I don’t take that responsibility lightly. It is my goal to provide an atmosphere for your children to realize their potential no matter the abilities that they have currently. My gym is a safe place to try your best at what we are doing without criticism, bullying or bad sportsmanship. I believe all children, (or adults for that matter) have what it takes to lead a healthy active life-style, some just don’t know it yet. It’s my job to help them find that passion.

    It is very important that your children are active every day. Since they cannot come to PE every day, the two days a week that they come are even more important. Unless the student has a doctor’s note I expect everyone to participate. They need to release that physical energy so that they can better perform academically. In order for everyone to participate I need the proper shoes to be worn on PE days. We have a new floor in the gym and I would like to keep it nice as long as possible. Also for safety reasons boots (whether western or felt), flats and other dress shoes CANNOT be worn in the gym. These types of shoes have no traction and the child could slip and fall. Athletic shoes need to be worn. Converse can be worn but I prefer they not be only because they provide no support for the child’s feet.

    I have included a schedule of PE pull-out days under Schedule below. Please help your child remember what 2 days they have PE. Athletic shoes must be worn on these days or your child will not participate. Since I know some will purposely not wear the proper shoes so they don’t have to participate and it is important that everyone participate, if a child is without proper shoes on 3 separate occasions then a referral will be given.

    Thank you for trusting me with your children. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact me by phone, email or come by.

    Tanya Moya
    PE Coach, GSE


  • PE Pullout Days
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Jacobs (6) Sisneros (5) Rankin (6) Jacobs (6) Sisneros (5)
    Rankin (6) Lewis (5) Montoya (4) Lewis (5) Nicholas (3)
    Montoya (4) Hodoba (4) Hodoba (4) Halderman (3) Halderman (3)
    Seale (K) Headstart Seale (K) Nicholas (3) Sanchez (2)
    Myers (1) Myers (1) Alguire (K) Alguire (K) Szklars (2)
    Storey (1) Sanchez (2) Storey (1) Szklarz (2)  


  • Dodge Ball Dodging and Tactic Skills

    One player stands 3m from the wall and the other with the ball stands 5m from them, the player with the ball throws below knee height and the other player jumps to avoid it. A no ball is a bad throw, 1 good throw if hit is a point to the thrower and a point to the other player if dodged out of the way.
    One player stands 3m from the wall and the …

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  • Gym Rules and Rewards

    1. Respect everyone and everything
    2. ALWAYS use Good Sportsmanship
    3. No food, candy or gum
    4. Always have proper shoes
    5. Always do YOUR personal BEST

    In PE all students have treasure cards. If their name doesn't go on the strike out board for that class then they will get their card punched. When they get 15 hole punches they will get into my treasure box. Consequences for breaking the rules …

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  • PE at Gil Sanchez

    Welcome to the GSE Physical Education page. Each week we will work on different ways to teach students about the many ways they can be active. We will practice coordination, team work, sportsmanship, communication and just play.
    I strive to provide a safe place for kids to realize their potential and enjoy physical activity like they never have before.

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  • Moya, Tanya

    Business: 966-1914
    Email: moyat@beleneagles.org