• »Vision and hearing screenings will begin now in the fall if you have any concerns or questions please call the nurses office 505-966-1807.


    »School emergency health forms were sent home the first week of school. Please make and effort to complete and return this important information, as we need to know who to contact in case of an emergency. They are also located on the nurses page to pring out at any time to update information. 

    »Cough drops are considered a medication and must be dispensed through the school nurse's office with parental consent. For the safety of our students, please do not send in bags of cough drops for your child's desk. Cough drops can be a choking hazard and are a short term fix for soothing a cough. Sending in a water bottle for your child to sip on throughout the day is a more effective way to comfort an irritated throat. Thank you for your cooperation. 

    »All school medications must be brought in by an adult. A doctor's order is required for medication administration by the school nurse forms are under the files section onDennis Chavez nurses page as well as Health Services page. For the safety of our students, Please do not send medications in your child's backpack.

    »If your child has a new medical diagnosis, please update us as soon as possible. 

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  • Deborah Baca - Health Services Coordinator

    Business:  (505) 966-1800