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    This month we will celebrate the ones around us with a extra measure of love.  It doesn’t have to stop after Heart Day. Kindness will change the world. You never know how you may just changed someone’s life just in a simple smile or thank you. We can spread love in something as simple as helping a elderly person on my street or just stopping in for a short visit. It could be as simple as while you are checking out at a store to stop and say thank you to the person who is checking you out. As grown-ups we are a constant example to children, whether our own, or those that are just in our presence. Children watch and follow our lead in so many areas.  We may never know that an act of kindness has changed someone’s world.

    Kindness will change the world even in the simplest act.   Touch a heart and lead a hand this month.


    Lori Witt Counselor, DCE




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