• Ms. Lopez-Dougherty

    My name is Elsie Lopez-Dougherty.  I was born in Belen to Filimon and Emma Lopez.  I am the eldest of five girls.  Hence, my hyphenated name.  I attended public schools and graduated from Belen High in 1969.  I am married to Don Dougherty, an Irishman from Washington, D.C.  We have a son, Phillip, and 2 grandchildren, Ava and Isaiah.

    I graduated from the University of New Mexico in 1975 with a Bachelor of Arts.  I earned my K-8 Elementary Licensure from the College of Santa Fe in 2006.  My husband and I decided to move back "home" and make Belen our permanent place of residence.  We are both very happy with our decision.  We are both teachers and are very proud to be educating the future of our country.  I have been teaching for the Belen Consolidated School District since 2006..


SY 2017 Daily Schedule

    8:35-9:00      Breakfast, Announcements, Attendance
    9:00-9:45      P.E. (Mon.)
    9:50-10:10    ELA Intervention (Mon.)
    10:10-11:40  ELA/Reading (Mon.)
    9:00-9:20     ELA Intervention (Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri.)
    9:20-10:50   ELA/Reading (Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri.)
    10:30-11:40  ELA/Reading (Tues., Thurs., Fri.)
    10:50-11:40  ELA/Reading (Wed.)
    11:20-11:40  ELA (Mon.)
    11:40-12:20  Lunch/Recess (Mon.-Fri.)
    12:25-12:40  ELA/Reading (Thurs.)
    12:25-1:25    ELA/Reading (Tues., Wed., Fri.)
    12:25-1:55    ELA/Reading (Mon.)
    12:25-12:50  Math (Wed.)
    1:25-155       ELA/Reading (Thurs.)
    1:55-2:05      Break (Mon., Thurs.)      
    2:10-2:55      3rd Grade Reading or Math Intervention
    2:55-3:07      Agendas
    3:07              Dismissal
    Monday (9:00-9:45) - P.E. 
    Tuesday (2:15-2:50) - MUSIC
    Wednesday (2:15-2:50) - P.E.
    Thursday (2:15-2:50) -  LIBRARY/COMP.
    Friday (2:15-2:50) - ART


  • Lopez-Dougherty, Elsie

    Business: 505-966-2100
    Email: lopez-doughertye@beleneagles.org
    Please feel free to contact me re- garding your Child's academic progress.