Mrs. Kristen Baca's Classroom


    Welcome to our class webpage!

    I am honored to be your child's teacher for the 2018-2019 school year. By working together, we will make this year an amazing one!

    On this webpage you will find newsletters, our daily schedule, and other information. You can also message me any time or you can contact me via Class Dojo. If you need a parent code, please let me know! 

    In February we will be working on:

    •Use illustrations and details in a text to describe its key ideas.
    •Compare and contrast the adventures and experiences of characters in stories.
    •Identify basic similarities and differences between two texts on the same topic.


    •Partition rectangles into two and four equal shares.
    •Given a number mentally find ten more or ten less without having to count.


    Behavior and classroom expectations:

    · Listen Carefully.
    · Follow Directions.
    · Work Quietly. Do not disturb others who are working.
    · Respect others. Be kind with your words and actions.
    · Respect school and personal property.
    · Work and play safely.
    · Homework returned on time.



  • Baca, Kristen

    Business: 505.966.2100
    Email: bacakr@beleneagles.org


  • Daily Schedule
    8:40-9:00 Breakfast/Recess
    9:00-9:45 Istation (Mon. and Tue.)/ Science (Wed.-Fri.)
    9:45-10:45 Reading
    10:45-11:20 Reading Intervention
    11:20-12:00 Lunch
    12:00-12:45 Specials
    12:45-1:00 Calendar 
    1:00-2:00 Math (Whole Group/Small group)
    2:00-2:30 Math Intervention
    2:30-2:45 Snack/Recess
    2:45-3:05 Social Studies
    3:05-3:15 Clean-up/Stack Chairs/Class Meeting
    3:15 Leave to buses/pick-up 

    Specials Schedule
    Monday- P.E.
    Tuesday- Library/Computer Lab
    Wednesday- Art 
    Thursday- Istation
    Friday- Music
    *Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes on P.E. days.
    *Library books need to be turned in every Tuesday.