• LPE Parent Information Page

    Some reminders to parents that will assist us in keeping all students safe and their learning environment vibrant…
    · Please remember to always sign in and out and obtain a visitor’s pass when on campus
    · Parent Identification: Always have your picture IDs ready as you enter the front office. Our Secretaries will review the student database to ensure that you are a parent/family member of one of our students.
    · Drop Off/Pick Up Area: The ONLY Drop off and Pick Up area is at the main entrance in front of the main entrance. Drop Off begins at 8:55 am. For safety purposes, please do not drop off your child any earlier. For Afternoon Pick-Up, an LPE Staff Member will be on duty to verify IDs of those individuals picking up students.

    Click on the following link to find out more about student attendance:
    Frequently Asked Questions About Attendance...




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    There are several forms available to parents that pertain to student demographics and other information. In an effort to observe FERPA laws, these forms are not placed on the web; rather, please see the site principal, or contact the Health Services Office and Curriculum office for a copy or copies.
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