• Technology Department

    "Of all the possessions in life a person can acquire, the one that can never be taken from them is an education."  

    Belen Consolidated Schools has a vast array of technology available to facilitate student learning and manage student/employee information.

    It is the goal of the Technology Department to enable all end users (staff, students, and parents) to become technology literate and make all available technology user friendly.
    The technology department reminds parents and staff that the district website is available at www.beleneagles.org.  The Technology Coordinator is committed to continually improving the website to include pertinent information as well as links to other educational resources.

Department Forms


  • Ben Kingsolver - Technology Coordinator

    Business:  505-966-1125
         Email:  kingsolverb@beleneagles.org

    Taira Chavira - Specialist II
    Business:  505-966-1125
         Email:  chavirat@beleneagles.org

    Suzanne Barela - Comp Tech II
    Business:  505-966-1124
         Email:  barelasm@beleneagles.org

    Anna Ulibarri - Comp Tech III
    Business:  505-966-1126
         Email:  ulibarria@beleneagles.org

    Eric Howard - Comp Tech I

    Business:  505-966-1023
         Email:  howarde@beleneagles.org

    Jon-Michael Perea - Comp Tech I
    Business:  505-966-1123
         Email:  pereajm@beleneagles.org