• Ms. Therese Williams

    Welcome to my class!!  I believe all children are capable of learning.  I am dedicated to working hard at giving students a solid education and instilling positive self-worth.  I will work hard to recognize opportunities for students, to excel and to believe in themselves, by discovering their talents and dreams.  I believe in high expectations, building a safe environment, while offering positive guidance for all students.  Teaching students life skills that empower them, will allow me to be their instrument between knowledge and life.
    Of course I am unable to do this unless there is a partnership between parents, student and teacher.  I look forward to working with all of you.
    There will be homework every night.  If the work in class is not finished it will be for homework.  Every night students must read for a 1/2 hr. study their vocabulary words for 15 min. and study multiplication facts for 15 min. 


Class Schedule:

  •                             Mon           Tues.          Wed.             Thurs.               Fri.
    9-10:30                ELA          ELA             ELA                  ELA        M intervention
    10:30-11:25         Music    Computers     Intervention      P.E                    ELA
    11:30-11:50              ELA interventions  Math   intervention        ELA intervention
    11:50-12:30               LUNCH                    LUNCH                  LUNCH
    12:30-1:30       computers     Math            counselor         computers        Math
    1:30-2:30             Math           P:E            Library                Math               Art
    2:30-3:10             Math interventions         Math                Math  interventions

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Class Contacts

  • Therese Williams, Teacher

    Business: (505) 966-1200
    Email: williamst@beleneagles.org
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