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    Healthy Holidays For the Family

    Healthy holidays consist of these key ingredients:

    ¨ family breakfast - don't let the holidays give kids an excuse to skip breakfast so they are starved for dinner.  It is healthier to keep kids on their regular eating schedule.
    ¨ family time - holidays provide time for families to stop their busy schedules and plan family time
    ¨ home cooking - often holidays are a time to bring out your favorite recipes and reminds us how much enjoyable it can be to cook.
    ¨ practice food safety - with all the food being prepared ahead of time to take to a holiday party don't forget basic food safety rules.  Teach kids to wash their hands before and after eating and touching foods.  Store and cook foods following food safety guidelines to avoid bacteria growing and causing food poisoning.
    ¨ cooking with kids - kids are often curious to see the special preparations for holidays.  It is an excellent time to bring them into the kitchen and let them help
    ¨ family activities - holidays are perfect for a family softball game or other activity that gets the kids off the couch and enjoying being active before meal time
    ¨ practice portion control - holidays don't have to focus around over-indulgence.  Instead, it is a perfect time to teach kids about estimating portion sizes and choosing healthier foods
    ¨ avoid stress - holidays don't have to be create stress.  Plan ahead and remember the main reasons holidays are important is so families can be together and practice their special traditions
    ¨ be happy - enjoy the kids and teach kids to enjoy special family moments.  They come and go quickly but memories last. 

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  • August 2016 Newsletter

    August 2016
    Thank-you to parents
    Thanks to parents for filling out the Annual Health Authorization Form which gives me the update on your child’s medical history. This helps me to manage your child’s issues while he or she is in school for 7.5 hours.
    If your child has used an inhaler in the last year, I really appreciate having one at school. Your child may also hand carry an inhaler if …

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    Central will be holding a Flu Clinic for students in September 2016. Flu shots will also be availlable at the Rio Abajo Wellness Fair at Becker St, September 24th 2016.

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  • Infection Control

    We are seeing some common cold symptoms at school already! Here at school we are teaching students to wash their hands frequently, to wipe down their desks twice a day and to avoid sharing food from tray to tray or hand to hand.

    You can do your part by helping your child to get 10 or more hours of sleep at night, to eat a healthy diet, and to wash hands if around others with a viral illness. We …

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