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    My name is Sanjar Hekmati, I currently teach 2 class periods of Calculus, 3 class periods of Algebra II, 1 class of team sports and one class of math study hall. I have secondary teaching license in both math and science. I have masters degree from UNM in secondary education with emphasis in mathematics. My teaching philosophy is building a classroom community out of individual relationships.


  • Break Down of classroom grades

    40% TESTS
    20% Classwork-Homework
    10%-Daily Quizzes
    20%-Group work (group tests)

    Parents and Students if you look at powerschool, you may see three different grades on a particular assigment such as "0", a ".1" and a ".11".

    "0" indicates that the student did not do any work in class and that zero is irreplaceble

    ".1" indicates that the student was in class and did not finish the …

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  • Hekmati, Sanjar

    Home: 505-489-5375
    Email: hekmatiS@beleneagles.org
    Address: bhs
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