• Kaci Saiz - English I & New Mexico History

    This year I am teaching both English I (Freshmen) and New Mexico History (Freshman Social Studies).  Following is a description of both classes.  Please also see my policy on late work, make up work or re-do's.

    English I
    This class introduces students to World Literature.  We will be reading Romeo & Juliet, The Odyssey, and The Hunger Games as well as selected short stories from the textbook, McDougall Littell Literature Grade 9.  Students will also gain practice with Grammar, Spelling, Descriptive, Narrative, and Persuasive writing formats as well as public speaking and comprehension techniques.

    New Mexico History

    This class is a semester in length.  Since students had the first half of New Mexico History in Middle School, this course will cover New Mexico history from about 1800 to the present. In addition, students will gain practice with vocabulary, organizational skills,  and academic writing, as well as public speaking and comprehension techniques.  Since 1st year students will be doing EOC exams and PARCC testing, we will also be doing test preparation and testing skills.

    You receive grades for EVERY assignment in this class, and there are no grades for “effort”.
    Students are encouraged to complete all work.  However, late work or missing work will not be graded. 

    It is the student's responsibility to request all make-up work from each teacher.  The teacher will be responsible for assigning make-up work.
    A student has at least the number of days that they were absent to make up work missed.  As long as the work is turned in by the end of this time period, the work will be given full credit.
    If a student has work that is due on the day of their absence(s) the student will not be penalized as long as the assignment is turned in on the first day a student returns to class.  The only exception to this will be long-term due date assignments.  For long – term due assignments, I will post a due date on the board.  If a student is aware they are going to be absent, they must make arrangements with me ahead of time for an alternate due date.  This includes student athletes and absences due to school activities.  In the case of an emergency, I will need to speak to a parent or guardian before allowing make up work.
    In the case of sports or anticipated absences, the student should notify me BEFORE the absence and ask for make up work no more than a week before the absence. 

    If a student is present in class and does not turn in work that is due or does not do the work when assigned, the assignment will receive a grade of 0%, as the student had the opportunity to complete the work and chose not to.NO EXCEPTIONS.






  • Saiz, Kaci

    Business: 966-1300
    Email: saizk@beleneagles.org
    Email is probably the best way to contact me, and I will answer as soon as possible. If you leave a message with the office, I will return calls either after school or during my free period.


  • English I:  3A, 1,2,3,&4B

    New Mexico History: 1st & 4th A
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