• Carrie Harper - Chorus & Guitar

    Instructor: Mrs. Harper

     Choir Classes offered at Belen High School

    Beginning Choir:
    Students are able to join beginning choir with little or no experience in music or singing and learn how to use their voice more accurately and more successfully. They will learn basic music theory along with singing technique.

    Show Choir: This is a class for advanced students that have already learned the basics of singing and they are able to dance and sing at the same time. This is an auditioned class.  Student music setup an audition time before registering for the class.

    Advanced Concert Choir: This is a class that is designed for advanced musicians that have been in choir for at least one year.  They must have teacher approval to be in this advanced singing class.  They will learn how to sing solos confiedently and learn to sing in foreign languages such as German, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, etc.

    Beginning Guitar: Students can sign up for beginning guitar with little or no experience in reading music or playing guitar.  They will learn some basic chords, all of the notes in the first position and be able to read those notes.  They will also learn basic music theory.

    Guitar 2: This is a class for students that are either good players, but haven't learned to read music yet OR if they are a 2nd year student and they are not able to sight read enough to go into Advanced Guitar.

    Advanced Guitar:
    This class is desgined for students that are excellent music readers.  They are already able to read any music that is in the first postition using whole, half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes and rests. They play solos and more advanced ensemble music along with learning more advanced music theory.



  • A DAYS
    1st pd 7:25-8:49am
    Concert Choir 2nd pd 8:54-10:24am
    Beginning Choir 3rd pd 10:29-11:57am
    Eagle Success Period Office Hours 11:57-12:17pm
    ​LUNCH 12:17-12:47pm
    Beginning Guitar 4th pd 12:52-2:20pm

    B DAYS
    Show Choir 
    5th pd 7:25am-8:49am
    Advanced Guitar 
    6th pd 8:54am-10:24am
    Beginning Guitar 
    7th pd 10:29-11:57am
    Eagle Success Period Office Hours 11:57am-12:17pm
    ​LUNCH 12:17pm-12:47pm
    Beginning Guitar 
    8th pd 12:52-2:20pm


  • Harper, Carrie

    Home: 505-362-7113
    Mobile: 505-362-7113
    Email: harperc@beleneagles.org
    Email is best since I can't answer the phone during the day.