• Anthony Pryor

    Instructor: Mr. Anthony Pryor

    Welcome to Geometry! Geo means Earth (geography is mapping the Earth, for example) and metry means measurement. Geometry applies the arithmetic, algebra and reasoning skills you have learned to the objects you see all around you. During this course, you will ask and answer questions such as "How can I describe this shape?", "How can I measure this shape?", "Is this shape symmetrical?", and "How can I convince others that what I think about this shape is true?" - CPM



  • A Day Times B Day
    Geometry 7:20 - 8:49 Geometry
    Geometry 8:54 - 10:24 Prep
    Geometry 10:29 - 11:57 Geometry
    Lunch/ESP 11:57 - 12:47 Lunch/ESP
    Geometry 12:52 - 2:20 Geometry


  • Pryor, Anthony

    Email: pryora@beleneagles.org