• Amy Rollins - English II, English III, and English IV

    Instructor: Mrs. Amy Rollins



    English II Course Description
    Students will be expected to refine reading and writing skills in order to master the persuasive and expository essay. A brief review of grammar
    and mechanics should be all that is necessary for sophomores so that the emphasis of this course can be on better sentence construction. Novels, poetry, plays, and non-fiction will be read in order to further enhance critical thinking skills. Students will continue to develop skills necessary for college and/or career. 

    English III Course Description

    Students will prepare for reading and writing beyond the high school level. They will survey American
    Literature with an emphasis on reading, writing, and analysis while incorporating projects. A research paper will be required. Students are expected to have reached a reasonably high standard in grammar and mechanics. There will be periodic reviews of these skills and many writing assignments. Students will be prepared for exit level tests in reading and writing, including nationally generated exit tests and state generated exit tests Adherence to Common Core Standards will be a major part of the class.  This course meets the requirements set by the state for graduation.

    English IV Course Description
    The focus of this course will be on analysis and interpretation of several genres of literature including English literature, poetry, novels, dramas, short stories, and non-fiction. Writing and presentation skills will be regularly practiced. Students in this course will be prepared for success in college English courses. Job shadowing is a required project in this class. A full research paper is required in conjunction with the social studies department. Students who have not passed the exit level tests will be offered remediation to help them pass the tests required nationally and state wide for graduation. Adherence to Common Core Standards will be a major part of the class.



  • Attention Parents

    Students are assigned a teacher for ESP. That teacher does grade checks with the students, and gives them ESP referral forms if the student has a 'D' or 'F' in any of their classes. Students are required to have these forms signed and are to return them to their ESP teacher. They are further required to use ESP to improve their grades, and are also required to have the teacher sign off on their …

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  • Office Hours 11:57 AM - 12:15 PM

    Eagle Success Period Office Hours 11:57 AM - 12:15 PM daily and by appointment.

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  • Class Work

    If the student is present in class and chooses not to complete an assignment, the assignment may NOT be made up and the resulting grade will be a "0".

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  • Cell Phone Policy

    Cell phones are to be turned off and put away during class. Failure to follow this rule will result in disciplinary action.

    BCS Cell Phone Rule
    Classroom Cell Phone Usage:
    Cell phone use in class is only permitted for academic learning purposes when approved by teacher/admin.

    1st Offense – Teacher Verbal Warning
    2nd Offense – Office Referral with documented date of 1st offense, …

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  • 1 (A)  English III
    2 (A)  English II
    3 (A)  PREP
    4 (A)  English III
    1 (B)  English II
    2 (B)  English II
    3 (B)  English IV
    4 (B)  English IV



  • Rollins, Amy

    Email: rollinsa@beleneagles.org
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