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    Timely Reporting

    The New Mexico Workers' Compensation Law, section 52-1-29 (A) NMSA, requires an injured worker to give written notice of an accident.  The notice of accident must be provided within 15 days of when the worker knew or should have known of the accident occurrence.  A notice of accident must be provided to the Employer, an Employer's agent, or another person acting within supervisory capacity.

    If you have an accident at work please complete a Notice of Accident Form (located with the Workers' Compensation poster).  Ask your supervisor to sign and date the form.  After it is signed, keep one copy and give your Employer or supervisor the other copy.

    Personnel Assessment Fee
    All employers covered by the New Mexico Workers' Compensation Act must pay the workers' compensation personnel assessment fee.  The fee is an administrative payment to the Sate (a tax) and is not for payment of or to provide insurance coverage.

    Notice of First Selection of Health Care Provider
    If you are injured while on the job, you are to:
    1.  Immediately notify your supervisor of the injury whether or not medical attention is required.
    2.  If emergency medical attention is required, seek emergency treatment at the nearest emergency room or urgent care facility.  If non-emergency medical attention is required, treatment will be provided only by an approved Concentra Medical Facility (see link below).

    Under current workers' compensation law, the Employer has the right to select the first health care provider.  If, after 60 (sixty) days, you wish to change from the health care provider first selected by your Employer, you will need to notify your adjuster at CCMSI in writing (see address below).

    If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact your adjuster at:
    PO Box 30870
    Albuquerque, NM 87190-0870
    In Albuquerque:  (505) 837-8700
    Outside of Albuquerque:  (800) 635-0679

    Or you can call an ombudsman at the NM Workers' Compensation Administration:
    In Albuquerque:  (505) 841-6000
    Outside of Albuquerque:  (866) 967-5667



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