In accordance with Federal Regulations 300.520-300.526 in IDEA-B, students who commit a drug, weapons, or assault offence at school can be placed in a Interim Alternative Educational Setting by school administration for a period of 45 days. Within that time, a hearing officer or IEP committee may place a student in an alternative educational setting for a determined length of time, depending on individual circumstances. The A.E.S. program is also a placement for students who have chronic behavioral, emotional, or environmental issues which are hindering their progress in the regular educational setting.

    The IAES/AES program is a structured instructional setting designed to provide continuation of the student’s home school curriculum. The class size is limited to 8 or fewer students per session. Sessions are 12 hours a week, three hours per day. This allows for students to receive more individualized instruction. Curriculum is structured through collaboration between the student’s home school teacher(s) and the IAES/AES teacher.

    The IAES/AES teacher will provide a progress report to the home school which will include a summary of student achievement, attendance and behavior upon the student’s return to their home school.


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