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  • At Belen Consolidated Schools we educate all students the Right Way!

    In our quest to be the highest performing district in the state, we strive towards all of us being the best we can be in our individual roles as students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators.

Belen Consolidated Schools

  • July 2018

    We have a GREAT year coming here at Belen Consolidated Schools!

    We are continuing to improve every day to make this school district the best possible learning organization ever.  I can confidently say on behalf of our teachers, staff, administrators, and school board that we continue to stay true to our central focus – Student Learning.   

    Each of us, no matter what role we are in, is committed to having our students be prepared for their chosen college or career pathway.  This summer, many teachers have engaged in professional learning so that they can better serve the students during the school year.  Our Academic, Technology, Transportation, Maintenance, Security, Nursing, Finance, Human Resources, and Nutrition Departments are all committed to this same focus. We have district teams such as the Anti Truancy, Instructional Facilitators, District Safety, District Leadership, and many other departments that work toward making our schools the best they can be.

    Teachers and administrators will continue in a variety of training and learning sessions throughout the school year.  It is appreciated by all of us that our dedicated teachers and administrators continue to grow and learn each year in order to better serve our students.

    We continue to develop safer and healthier learning environments at every school site.  It is critical that our students and staff are safe, and feel safe and secure, when spending their days at school.  Along with the many facility modifications made for safety at school sites, including cameras and modern door swipes, all staff are keeping current with drills, practices, and training to maintain our safe and healthy learning environments.

    Our Career Tech, Music, Art, Athletic, Physical Education, and a variety of student programs provide options for students to actively engage in their own learning with choices.  This past year students have engaged in new and different learning opportunities.  For example, Belen High School students actually sent an experiment into space in cooperation with NASA.  We were the only district in New Mexico to participate in this, and our students performed wonderfully in presenting their experiments at a national level with NASA.  Robotics programs have become a mainstay at Infinity High, and the mid school had its very first mariachi program.  All of the elementary schools are offering After School Programs to enhance their learning experiences.

    Our students had an outstanding and historical season of athletics, both boys and girls.  We now hold the State Title of District 5A Champions in Basketball and many of the other sports programs shined throughout the school year.

    It is well known that we definitely have the best students anywhere. We look forward to an exciting year of working with their parents and the community in moving the district continuously forward.  We do owe this to the generations to come. We continue our commitment in keeping high academic standards so that every student, parent, and community member can always express our pride as Belen Eagles.  


    Max E. Perez, Superintendent

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