• Ms. Laura Wacha - Art


    This is Ms. Wacha's 11th year with the Belén Consolidated Schools District. She has taught at several other schools in the district but is so very pleased to be in her ninth year at HTJ. Ms. Wacha recently recieved the NM Art Educator's Association "President's Award of Distinction," and was very proud to be named HTJ's "Teacher of the Year" for the 17-18 school year! 
     Spring 2019 Art Room News
    Welcome to the art room! This year students will be introduced to the new National Fine Arts Standards adopted by the NMPED. HTJ students will still be exploring the seven Elements of Art, with new emphasis being placed in the areas of CREATING, PRESENTING, RESPONDING to art, and CONNECTING art to themselves and the world! 
    As always, students work hard to gain proficiency using their art tools correctly while tackling sometimes unfamiliar art materials. Please encourage your student in their efforts by displaying their artwork and other school projects in a place of pride. We all like to feel like what we produce is of value, so find a space in your home to create a museum dedicated  to your child.
    Donations of art materials, clorox wipes and household recyclables like newspapers, bubble wrap, egg cartons and the like are always gratefully received!  Thanks!

Art Grading Rubric




    ·       Listens respectfully and works quietly

    ·       Shows understanding of the art lesson content

    ·       Uses art materials appropriately

    ·       Gives best effort, even when presented with a challenge



    ·       Listens respectfully and works quietly

    ·       Shows understanding of the art lesson content

    ·       Uses art materials appropriately

    ·       Gives best effort until there is a challenge, then gives some effort



    ·       Needs reminders to work quietly

    ·       Shows some understanding of art lesson content

    ·       Needs reminders to use art materials appropriately

    ·       Gives some effort, but gives up when presented with a challenge



    ·       Distracts others

    ·       Does not complete work

    ·       Does not use art materials appropriately

    ·       Shows no understanding of art lesson content

    ·       Gives little or no effort


Art News and Information

  • Explore an Artist! Robert Indiana!

    Robert Indiana was born Robert Clark in New Castle, Indiana. He spent the first 17 years of his life living in Indiana moving frequently between cities and eventually lived in 21 different homes. After his parent divorced, he relocated to Indianapolis to live with his father. After serving for three years in the United States Army Air Forces, he studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, the …

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  • Help save the planet, help make some art!

    You never know what will inspire an artist! Please continue to send in your clean recyclables, whether it is leftover arts and crafts supplies, newspapers and magazines, odd bits of ribbons and yarn, or empty containers and eggcartons! If the Easter Bunny is too generous, our students would love to make little aliens from your extra plastic eggs.

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