H.T. Jaramillo Elementary

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  • "The RIGHT Way"

    At BCS we believe in education the right way.
    We do this by: Building Relationships Planning Evaluation Results
    We prepare students for success in college and career.

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  • Attendance Rules

    Here is how attendance is marked: Arrival after 9:00-Student is tardy and will be marked Tardy by 9:15AM Any student leaving after 1:45PM is marked Leave Early If you are marked as “tardy” or “Leave Early” you will not be eligible for perfect attendance. An excused absence is still counted against Perfect Attendance If you have 5 Unexcused absences you will receive a letter from our …

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  • 2018 K3+Program 

    The purpose of K–3 plus is to demonstrate that increased time in kindergarten and the early grades narrows the achievement gap between at-risk students and other students, increases cognitive skills and leads to higher test scores for all participants.

    The program extends the school year for K–3 by 25 instructional days beginning before school starts. The K–3 plus program provides funding for additional educational time for students in kindergarten through third grade in eligible schools. K–3 plus eligibility includes public schools in which eighty percent or more of the students are eligible for free or reduced-fee lunch at the time the public school applies for the program or an elementary school with a D or F grade the previous year.


    H. T. Jaramillo K3 Plus Program

    Begins... June 25th 

     8:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.


    All students registered must register with Transportation department to arrange bus pick-up and drop-off.


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