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    BCS Parents, Guardians, and Community,

    At Belen Consolidated Schools we educate the Right Way! We are all excited about the progress and opportunities that our school district brings to us this year as a result of all of the hard work of our teachers and staff. We can remain confident that we are constantly improving the quality of education for our Belen students.

    In our changing world, schools are asked to do more each year with students and their societal road blocks.  As educators we are always up to the challenges; however, we need the support of the parents and community each and every day in all that we do.   Belen keeps a definite pride, and no one can argue that we keep the Loyal and True mantra alive each year.  This is important.  Along with this, we need for everyone involved to keep that sense of optimism and hope for our students.  They can and will be successful.  We will look to them very soon to carry the torch in meeting the new challenges of the 20’s.

    We here at Belen Consolidated Schools are keeping our focus on Student Learning.  As I continue to announce, we have the best and brightest students and teachers in this state. We have a perfect sized district and unique closeness where we know each other and can support each other.  Not every school district has this.  In short, we have all of the ingredients for great and continued success.

    Thank your child’s teacher and school site staff whenever you can. They are the professionals that will make wonderful things happen in the years to come.

    Spread your attitude to all who you influence for the good of our students, our community, our state, and our nation.

    We fully expect the 2018-2019 School Year to be the best ever!

    Max Perez, Superintendent
    Belen Consolidated Schools

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    Max Perez - Superintendent

    Business:  505-966-1003
         Email:  perezm@beleneagles.org



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