• Peggy Ortega English 1, English 3, English 4, Read and Write

    All students can access reading, critical thinking skills and math that address their transitions into adult life, as well as addressing state curriculum standards.


  • Book Reports

    Each semester, students are responsible for a book reports. These combine reading, analysis, and writing. I allow the students to choose their books to read(but I reserve the right to veto). Rather than using a specific format, I write questions that are specific to each student, his/her abilities, and to the book. While this may be a bit more extra work for me, I feel that it better addresses …

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  • State Mandated Testing

    One of the main purposes of Special Education is to prepare students to take their places in the adult work world, whether it be in a lawyer's office or at WalMart.
    To this end, state mandated assessment (Illuminate, PARCC, or alternative assessments) prepares students for assessments and judgments that are based more on what can be accomplished in a given time than on who a person knows or how …

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      A Day  
    First Bell   7:15
    1st Period Practical Math 7:20-8:49
    2nd Period English 1 8:54-10:24
    3rd Period Teacher Prep 10:29-11:57
    4th Period English 3, English 4
      B day  
    First Bell   7:15
    1st Period Read and Write 7:20-8:49
    2nd Period Algebra 1, Algebra 2 8:54-10:24
    3rd Period Practical Math, Vocational Math 10:29-11:57
    Lunch Eagle Success Period
    Teacher Lunch
    4th Period Practical Math, Vocational Math 12:52-2:20



  • Peggy Ortega, Teacher

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