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Mission: Physical Education

As a past college athlete, Physical Education has been a huge passion and priority throughout my entire life. Physical Education is an important component in a students school experience, which is why it's important to me that my students reach their optimim potential while taking my course. A lot of schools across America have been contimplating wheather to take out the PE completley out, which I think is the worst possible thing a school could do. Physical education teaches students fundamental life skills they will have to possess in order to be succesful adults. Such as teamwork, how to eat healthy, how to stay physcially fit, how to be a good loser and a gracious winner, along with many more. 

My Physical Education classes are broken down into unit groups to where we will focus on a specific skill or sport for a certain length of time until each student has been educated on the sports rules/history, diverse stragegies, and time for improved motor skill progression. 

Fall semester

Unit 1- swimming

Unit 2- physical fitness testing

Unit 3- ultimate frisbee/ ultimate football

Unit 4- flag football

Unit 5- mat ball

Spring Semester

Unit 6- basketball

Unit 7- team handball

Unit 8- jail dodgeball

Unit 9 -Capture the Flag

Unit 9- soccer

Unit 10- speed a way (soccer/football combo game)

Unit 11- Swimming

*units may vary monthly

Weekly functional strength training/ Aerobic training

Each class, the students are put through flexility exercises along with an abdomnibal circuit cending with 4 sets of varied pushup styles.

Depending on the day, students are also put through cardiovascular endurance training rotated between anaerobic and aerobic training. 




  • All PE 1 students are required to wear their Belen Physical education t-shirt to class. 

    All absenses require a 1 page essay on a given sports/health related topic.


     Encourage your children to live a healthy and active lifestyle!

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