• Etna Garcia - ESL, Language for Native Speakers, Spanish II, III & IV


    Course Description

    This course emphasizes the learning of vocabulary as well as continuing to reinforce reading, writing, and listening skills in the Spanish language. By listening, observing, reading, and discussing, students will comprehend and interpret oral, written, and visual messages on a variety of topics in Spanish.

    The third sequential course in Spanish concentrates on reading, writing, researching, skits, interview, and oral language practice of the Spanish language. Students will increase and refine prior knowledge of the Spanish language by listening, analyzing, discussing, and expanding their linguistic Spanish skills through content. Students will focus on communication skills in Spanish. By speaking and writing, students will express themselves in a culturally appropriate manner for many purposes. Students will understand the relationship between language and culture.


    Spanish for Native Speakers and English as Second Language (Bilingual Program)

    The Spanish for native speakers and the ESL class are offered to students who had been identified as an English Language Learner based on the State Language Proficiency/ Academic Assessment Test. The Bilingual Education Program will specifically help students to acquire English and develop the home language. The exit requirement for the program is 5.0 or above, on the State approved ACCESS test.


  • "A" Day
    1st Pd - ESL
    2nd Pd - ESL
    3rd Pd - Spanish III-IV
    Lunch - ESP
    4th Pd - Spanish I

    "B" Day
    1st Pd - Spanish for Native Spk.
    2nd Pd - Bilingual Resource
    3rd  Pd - Prep
    4th Period - Spanish for Native Spk.

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